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My One Word? Better Yet…My Mantra


With two days left in 2016, I was feeling an immense pressure to come up with my New Year’s Resolution for 2017. I had contemplated not committing to a resolution but that idea seemed evasive and quite frankly, like a cop out. After all, goal setting is healthy, not just for the mind, but for the spirit and soul as well. The last two years I participated in the #oneword challenge and felt good about working on trying to be a better me. Thus, I began the process of selecting my one word. I pondered such words as Investment, Purposeful, Kindness, Genuine, Compassion, Reflection and Gratitude. Yet, nothing seemed to inspire me quite like I had hoped. I am not sure why. The ideas that funneled through my head all appeared as worthy challenges and more importantly, described a sincere attempt to improve who I am as a person. But yet, something was still missing.  So, I began to think about it in a different way.

What could I stop doing that I enjoyed doing most when I still had something left to give?

My mind quickly began to fill up with words such as eating, exercising, competing, breathing, thinking, dreaming, creating and writing. Writing? I cannot believe that I just said that. But interesting enough it came to mind because it is something that I have always struggled at which probably explains why I keep holding myself accountable for doing it even though I often agonize over it (Read about it here).  However, why would I select something as a resolution that I already enjoyed doing. It seemed confusing to use a word like “dreaming” as my one word.  Maybe I needed a phrase or a sentence to help me determine my word or words? So after much contemplation and struggling to come up with my New Year’s Resolution for 2017, I finally decided to go in a different direction than I have in the past to keep me motivated and invested.

Rather than select my one word, I’ve decided to focus on MY MANTRA for 2017.

I will…

Stop sleeping when I am a little tired

Stop eating when I am a little hungry

Stop talking when I still have something to say


Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Happy New Years!









  • Sue Dunlop
    1 year ago

    An interesting and unique approach! It reminds of people’s thinking about how to use every available minute in an energizing and useful way. All the best in 2017 – and keep writing these great posts!!

  • Dennis Schug
    1 year ago

    Jimmy, thanks for supplying another year of inspiration and for always modeling servant leadership! A mantra can be so personally rewarding, and can slow things down so we can remember what’s most important, at times when we need it most.

    Wishing you all the best in 2017, my friend!

    ~ Dennis

  • Jessica Cabeen
    1 year ago

    Such a great perspective-thanks for sharing how you continue you to grow and challenge yourself. Looking forward to meeting you and learning more from you in 2017! Thanks for all you give to educators!

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